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Original Extension

Archive of user development Extensions

User development of Extensions

Arista has Extensions feature, so here are the archive of user development Extensions.


Samples by Arista Square

Hello World - most simple command, hello.
SWIX format
= filename:hello.swix
= MD5 checksum:8d0c2f040f741566925842abe768eee6
= filename:hello-1.0-0.noarch.rpm
= MD5 checksum:c868984a3c8173db7ec3e9b1d1e3598e
= filename:hello-1.0-0.src.rpm
= MD5 checksum:f7c5393c4cacb3f4c460a838162d875f
(verified 2010 May. / EOS 4.3.0 / DCS-7120T-4S 03.01)

Utilities by Arista Square

802.1X suite for EOS - 802.1X Extension
A package suite to add 802.1X authentication feature to EOS. for EOS4.5.1. Developed by Mr. Mukai, one of member of Arista Square. Mar. 2011 : beta release.
See Setup Guide, it archived at EOS development resources.

Please let us know if you have developed pretty nice Extension.