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About Arista Square

Who drive it?

This site, Arista Square is administrated by Arista Tech Club (A.T.C.). A.T.C. is voluntary association by people who likes technology and products of Arista.

A.T.C. has no business relationship with Arista and other resellers, so if you have any question abut our activity, let us know directly, please.

Yutaka Yasuda, organizer of A.T.C.

Contact info

Your contribution is most welcome such as technical info, tips, documents, software or more.

Contact address is here;



9 Jan 2009
Yasuda interviewed with Andy at Arista Networks headquarter.
May 2009
That interview based article, "Engineering to change our history" had been published as Software Design, June issue of 2009 from Gijutu-Hyoronsya. I believe it was the first Arista concentrated article in Japan.
11 Jan 2010
Yasuda visited to Arista Networks headquarter. Talked about the user based community activity with their staffs.
late Jan of 2010
After his back to Japan, ordered 7100T arrived. A community web site project started with running system.
6 Mar 2010
Arista Square site had been started to build. Not on publicly, we added several contents with limited preview.
23 Apr 2010
Arista Square previewed to Andy and some then we published it on the Net with some announcements.