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Arista adds new models to 7050 series

2012/01/03 : T-64, T-52, Q-64 model are added to 7050 series

Dec. 2011, Arista released new models to their 1U lineup

model 7050T (UTP)

Following 2 models had been added as 7050T models which has 10G-T (UTP) ports as primary interface.
7050T-64 : 48x 100M/1G/10G (UTP) + 4x40G (QSFP+)
7050T-52 : 48x 100M/1G/10G (UTP) + 4x10G (SFP+)

It should be noted that Arista re-focuses to 10G-T interface. Initially, 7050 series started from SFP+ based model 7050S (7050S-64 has 40G QSFP+ as uplink) and now they reinforced lineup with copper. Actually, Arista has UTP based 10G switch from their early 7100 model age. And they regards the situation when 10G-T mounts on PC (including server) mainboard, since Jan. of 2009 when I have interviewed.

But for past few years, 10G-T was struggling to become the standard interface of PC and still. Many people imagine only fiber interface as 10G but the situation may move since Intel acquired Fulcrum Microsystems at July 2011. It is very clear the high end CPU needs to compete by throughput including I/O, not by their MIPS/FLOPS. It does mean how important to generalize 10G for Intel's business. And if 10G will be mounted on the main board of PC, from that date, nobody buy 1G switch for their racktop. Arista is waiting that timing.

model 7050Q (QSFP+)

And one more, new model that is focusing 40G (QSFP+) as primary interface.
7050Q-16 :16x40G (QSFP+)

Now they has rich 7050 series as various type of 10G requirement, so the next, user needs switch for upper layer. So this model is very reasonable product.

There are some other 40G box type switches;

  • Force-10 Z9000 : 32 x QSFP+, 2U
  • Mellanox SX1036 : 36 x QSFP, 1U
  • IBM RackSwitch G8316 : 16 x QSFP+, 1U

For more other switch info, let me tell it please.