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Technical documents list from Arista

EOS Overview


EOS Architecture Whitepaper

Basic EOS architecture abstract, includes a layout and relationship of Linux Kernel, Agent and SysDB too.

EOS Extensibility at a Glance

EOS is very extensible, so user can modify or add functions to fit their own need. "Run what you want", "Choose your own path", so cool phrases are.


7100 Series

7100 Series Q&A

FAQ such as;

Q15:     What can I use the USB port for?

A15:     The USB port supports a standard USB flash device and can be used for booting, storing or transporting the boot images and config files.


RFC 2544 Latency Testing on the Arista 7100 Series

The result of latency test.


7500 Series

Arista 7500: Performance

Basic architecture of 7500. It is different from CLOS based 7100. 7500 has Full Mesh structure.

Cloud Networking Solutions (White Papers)

A lot of white papers. For example, the following one explains important architecture issue, for example, how Arista handle huge buffer and etc.

Switching Architectures for Cloud Network Designs