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About this site

Purpose and limitation of this website.

Purpose and limitation

Here, we are gathering tech info to help users to understand about Arista functions well. Basically, we do not have any guarantee of correctness of our articles. Please use them with your own test or verification.

( This site is managed by voluntary association. Please do not ask or forward anything to Arista Networks or other resellers. )

Environment info

We add environment info that we have verified on, as possible.

For example, following line shows verified date, EOS version, hardware model with version.

(verified 2010 Apr. / EOS 4.3.0 / DCS-7120T-4S 03.01)

Above example means 7100T 24ports model version 3.01.

To see your switch's info, check show version command at EOS CLI.

localhost>show version
Arista DCS-7120T-4S
Hardware version: 03.01
Serial number: ABC1234567

Software image version: 4.3.0
Architecture: i386


If you have new info....

Arista Square is waiting for your contact and contribution. Thanks.

Contact info is here.