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Arista Pictures

Arista Stencil type Pictures for presentation or some

Arista served their switched Stencils.

(Link is in 7100 product page, see the right side, "Arista Product Stencils". )

But this data is for Microsoft Visio but unfortunately I am not a user of Visio.

So I made simple pictures of Arista products for some presentations or reports.

There are PDF format, so please show them on screen and take a screen shot to get separate images to paste onto your presentation software.

There are 3 styles.

  • Plain - simple front view, just a panel view.
  • Stackable - with angle, stackable. not perspective.
  • Perspective - with angle too, but with perspactive. If you stack them, looks strange.


Fell free to use.

Sample image (Stackable)