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EOS Central announced

2011/05/03 : Arista Networks, Inc. announced "EOS Central" site for user community of Arista.

Arista opened "EOS Central" site to support all activities of EOS community.

"Arista Advances Extensible Operating System for Cloud Networks and Creates Open Developer Community" ,3 May 2011 released.

EOS widely opened the gate of user level development and people can walk through it to touch the extensibility of it. And the very high flexibility of it leads us to start this site, Arista Square. Today, We, Arista Square want to express a hearty welcome to you. Thanks, so wonderful!

Arista also included about our info already to the WIKI index on EOS Central as follows;

Arista Square - our friends at Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan created this really awesome site with lots of content, plugins, and capabilities.  We definitely want to give them a shout out for being truly pioneering in this area and hope everyone can check out some of the great work they have done.

We very much appreciate all of Arista staffs supporting us. Please keep in touch.


Thanks Arista, they had been published our message about EOS Central, see "What People Are Saying" page and check the words, "Arista Square".